Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Day with Grandma and Grandpa

Simon mostly slept through the night and slept all night in his own bed! This meant that Mommy got really good sleep. Funny though that I felt more tired after sleeping well. It was as if my body remembered how nice sleep is and wanted more and more. But it is hard to sleep when an adorable smiling two-year old pets your face and says "Mommy." So I got up and we called Daddy on FaceTime on the computer. Simon was soooo excited when Daddy answered and he saw him on the screen! He immediately started talking to Daddy and trying to touch Daddy through the screen. He even said "I love you Daddy" and kissed Daddy's image! They played back and forth and Daddy showed Simon Scout on the video and Simon showed Daddy his Scout stuffed animal. Daddy also asked Simon to get him his water bottle (something Simon did for Daddy here) and Simon went and brought the water bottle and put it by the computer. It was a joy to watch them and to know Daddy and Simon can keep building their relationship over the next week.

FaceTime with Daddy
Soon Grandma and Grandpa came over from their room next door and watched the Simon-Mommy battle to pick out clothes and get dressed, which ended as soon as Simon was dressed. We all went down to breakfast together. Simon got a little wild after he ate and started running around. Unfortunately, there was a new stand with a vase on it and Simon crashed into it. I watched as if in slow motion as the vase teetered and then crashed to the floor. This terrified Simon as well as Mommy. When I scooped him up, he clung to me as tightly as he ever has. The hotel staff were very kind and understanding.

After breakfast, Misha picked us all up and met my parents. We all went to Madagascar to run some of Simon's energy out of him. Grandma hid the Problem Horse, so Simon played pretty well until another kid found the horse and brought it out. By that time, Simon had discovered a ride-on elephant, so he played with both horse and elephant, riding one and pushing the other for awhile. This took quite a bit of coordination on his part! We didn't have a battle to leave the horse because the bigger boys that were playing started playing on the video games in the back and Simon ditched the horse and elephant to watch and to pretend to play the games himself. He fussed a little when I said it was time to go, so we stopped and had a quick snack before going next door to introduce Grandma and Grandpa to khachapuri. They tried two versions--the boat with egg and butter version (Acharuli) and the round version (Imeruli) and agreed that both are delicious but nap-inducing (especially given the travel and time change). So after lunch they also napped during Simon's nap time. Simon slept for two hours! Entertaining Grandma and Grandpa is hard work!

In the later afternoon and evening we took the metro downtown and walked around, pointing out some of the major landmarks. We stopped by Sioni church, but it was getting dark, so it was hard to see in the church. We'll go back in daylight for a better look. Simon was not in a walking mood, so Mommy carried him most of the way, which by the time we returned to the hotel was about 7 miles! My biceps haven't been this challenged since my pole-vaulting days in high school! Luckily my back holds up well and with a little break here and there, I do pretty well.

At Sioni church
We went to dinner at Friend's House, the restaurant Ben and I ate at often for lunch. We had kebab with Tkemali sauce and shashlik (barbecue chicken skewers).The other exciting event at dinner was that Simon went poop! He hadn't gone for almost two days. While my nurse-brain knew that bananas are constipating, this knowledge hadn't transferred to the Mommy-brain that was happy to find a fruit Simon would eat. So, he'd eaten 1-2 bananas a day for a couple of days. Nurses get pretty excited when a constipated patient poops, but this doesn't compare to the excitement and relief of a new Mommy, especially with the added bonus that Simon said "yes poop" when asked and we made it to the toilet in time! I'm sure the rest of the restaurant was amused if they heard me clapping from the bathroom!

Grandma helped again with bath time and then Mommy had to do a little struggling with pjs. The pjs Simon has been wearing were dirty, so we had to try new pjs. Grandma and Grandpa had brought some footsie pjs, so I picked out the ones with dogs and we counted the dogs, then wiggled (wrestled) into them. But once they were on, Simon seemed to like them. Then Grandma, Grandpa and Simon watched Eric Carle stories on the DVD player. I love seeing them stretched out on the floor next to Simon, getting to enjoy their grandson! Tonight, when Simon went to bed, he first cuddled up with his Scout, but then he reached across the small gap for my hand and we fell asleep holding hands.

Bed time with Scout

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Amy K said...

I cannot wait to see family pictures!!! I've been following your story, so inspiring Katie! Those are the best words, "I love you Daddy!" (or, Mommy too, of course!!!) Praying for you three!