Thursday, September 25, 2014

Homestudy Complete!

Today, our social worker emailed us the rough draft of our homestudy! I can’t believe it’s done! It seems like after multiple interviews, sharing our life stories, answering intimate and detailed questions about our past, present and future, that it would be longer than 13 pages, but all that we shared is condensed down to the nuts and bolts that state we are loving and competent perspective adoptive parents. Which is what we are and all we want to be.

We met with our social worker five times starting August 15th. We were interviewed separately and together and gave a tour of our home, pointing out smoke detectors and realizing that we might need 6 baby gates to block off the stairs! While the homestudy process served as a means for documenting our perspective parental ability, it also served as a learning process for us. We continued in our traditional roles—Ben as the optimist and me as the realist. And the process triggered a variety of motherly/fatherly feelings and responses. I frequently remember my dreams and one morning woke up in a panic because while I know about toddler clothing sizes, I realized I knew nothing about toddler shoe sizes! Though Ben does not frequently remember his dreams, he has several times dreamed about our toddler and the adoption. I decided one day after our 2-year old nephew visited, that we should start childproofing, so I installed a few doorknob covers and kitchen cabinet locks. Good thing I did this now or our toddler would have learned how to swear in English! In all, we’re growing into the concept of being parents.